Listen To My Music

“Grandpa’s Dream” – vocal by co-writer Melissa Hunt
© 2011 All Rights Reserved, Brainchild Music (SOCAN)/Hunt(SOCAN)

“You Can Stop The Music” – vocal by co-writer Ivan Daigle
© 2011 All Rights Reserved, Brainchild Music (SOCAN)/Daigle(SOCAN)

“Forget Me Nots” – vocal by co-writer Melissa Hunt
© 2011 All Rights Reserved, Brainchild Music (SOCAN)/Hunt(SOCAN)


  1. Hey Larry:
    Ken Carson here. Hope you are doing ok with C battle. Hangin’ in here. 23rd chemo round but you got me beat there.
    I love your songwriting and one reason is: your songs breathe.(in the classic sense) There are pauses that allow to absorb what the lyrics are saying. (One reason I like alot of tin pan alley. Am I alone here and just being old fashion) It’s my personal goal to write that way. What are your thoughts about the “wordiness” in almost everything coming out of commercial Nashville these last few years? I find it hard to write that way though I continue to hold great respect for writers and the enormous creativity I hear on a daily basis.(mostly in underground or indie settings) I don’t know if I would want to be in my fifties trying to breathe my way through (Shake it for me Country Girl) in a live setting regardless of how big a megahit I had on my hands Ha Ha Tra la la. But serially folks…………..Hope you
    are feeling ok and hangin in there.


    • Hi Ken,

      I’m feeling pretty good, all things considered. I’ve lost track of many treatments I’ve had now…it’s in the 60s. The drugs have been changed a few times with different side effects. Right now I’m dealing with numbness in my fingertips that really inhibits guitar playing. But I keep at it and am writing quite a lot. Like you I get discouraged by much of what I hear. But there’s always a “House That Built Me” type thing that rides to the rescue. Who knows, maybe one day great songwriting will come back in style and we’ll have a rash of new Gershwins, Carole Kings and Cole Porters blossoming around us.

      On the other hand, don’t hold your breath.

      Keep up the good fight, my friend!


  2. Larry Wayne Clark … I just happened upon your site by accident on Kijiji. You don’t know me, but I did record one of your songs a few years ago in Saint John via permission through Derrick Barr. The song was ” J.C. and Johnny Cash “, and was played on Bob Henry’s show a few times. I’ve been playing or creating since I am old enough to remember being alive … in some form. I’ve taken a crack at writing but seemed to always get stuck in ballad mode, and end up boring myself. I hope you are doing ok and wouldn’t mind meeting you one of these days. I live in Rothesay in one of the two original Fox Farm houses … #53. Quick question … I often come up with great hooks, but can’t seem to get past that point, what’s the secret?
    Thank you for your time;
    Alf Richard

    • A quick question…that could take an eternity to answer! Nce to hear from you, Alf. Sounds like we’re almost neigbours!

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