Posted by: Maggie Ross | December 24, 2011

May Your Days Be Merry And Bright…

Well folks, we had our doubts but it’s looking like we have a white Christmas in store. The fluffy stuff began to fall today and is supposed to continue for several days. It looks very nice, especially when it completes the cozy scenes on display driving along Rothesay Road. Gorgeous homes, made all the more so when adorned with lights and wreaths.

We’re not big celebrators of Christmas, truth be told. We have no kids and don’t give each other gifts. I can’t remember the last time we had any sort of Christmas tree and we’ve all but eliminated sending cards (in favor of online greetings). And yet, Christmas does resonate deep in my marrow in some strange way. I loved it as a kid…the music, the gifts, the food, the all-pervasive smell of a real Christmas tree in the house. It was magical. I still cling to the fellowship and the good eating. And of course the music. It seems every year I write a Christmas song or two.

Larry & Melissa at the Somerset Pub

Larry & Melissa at the Somerset Pub

Thursday evening Melissa Hunt and I did a four-song set of Christmas originals at the Somerset Pub. Clinton Charlton, Paul Grady and Brent Mason, gentlemen all, were doing a writers night that billed them as The Three Wise Men. They kindly allowed Melissa and me to do our set during their break. We were Santa Clark and his favorite elf, Melissa of the North. We did a couple of lovely songs we’ve written together, I did my “I’m Sending You My Heart” (which will be familiar to many of you), and we opened with a rollicking rendition of “It Wouldn’t Be The Holidays,” written with Marc Rossi several years back. It went over very well. People seemed genuinely impressed to hear new Christmas songs that sounded like, well, “real” Christmas songs.

Christmas Eve will be spent with the Hunts and a group of their friends. Christmas day will be spent with my cousin Dave and his wife Carolyn, and a handful of relatives. I anticipate all will be pleasantly low key and joyful. I feel much gratitude. I’m facing my second Saint John Christmas feeling well and in good spirits, creatively engaged and positive. We’ve made some true friends here and still enjoy the warmth of old friends everywhere with whom we’re in frequent touch. Our lives may unfold under a cloud of uncertainty, but isn’t that true for all of us?

And in that spirit of friendship and deep affection, Maggie and I hope you enjoy the song on this webpage and would like to extend our sincere wish that a prosperous, productive and happy 2012 lies in wait for all of us!

Larry & Maggie


  1. Have a wonderful Holiday season Larry and Maggie , Larry , i’m so glad you are feeling better these days , we wish you both the best this world has to offer , dream from the heart , Glenn and Joy Bowie

  2. We love you guys!!!!! Have a blessed day! RTD & JD

  3. Christmas blessings to you and yours, Larry! – The Commands ❤

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