Posted by: Maggie Ross | December 8, 2011

Of Idleness and Bustle

I feel like a rather idle bee in the midst of a hive of activity today. Tradesmen have descended upon us. We’ve had plumbers here since midmorning to install a new double-sink plus faucet, replace the countertop and do a couple of small repairs. The air has been ripe with the smell of blowtorches as well as the burnt-toast aroma of various sawings and gougings. And the noise is occasionally frightful. Cleo the cat is not amused. Meanwhile Maggie sits planted at the phone in the next room, door closed against the racket, finishing up her training as an at-home software rep. She’s very anxious, as always when she delves into these new things, and we’ll see how it goes.

And me? Not doing much. This is a small apartment and my style is definitely cramped by the presence of strangers hard and quite noisily at work 25 feet away. Normally I might be playing my guitar, listening to soundclips or videos on the computer, tweaking songs…whatever. I feel sort of invaded but it’ll be over soon.

Outside the window it’s a gray day that can’t seem to summon the energy to actually rain. Can’t knock the temperature…balmy with not a sign of winter. We need no heat on in the apartment. Healthwise all is well. I had treatment #39 last Thursday. As these infusions accumulate I am starting to react more, especially the day and night of the treatment…little appetite, some nausea, and of course the famous insomnia that I’ve been dealing with all along. But I get over all that fast enough and all that lingers is the need for extra sleep over the next several days. Nothing incapacitating though.

Writers Night at the Somerset Pub December 3

Writers Night at the Somerset Pub December 3

I was perfectly able to play a writers night Saturday — in a round with Debbie Adshade and Clinton Charlton — at the Somerset Pub, and it went well. Melissa Hunt came up to the stage and sang our brand-new “Santa I’m Depending On You” to enthusiastic response. Wouldn’t we all like to write the next huge Yuletide hit…a “White Christmas” or “Little Drummer Boy”! Speaking of which, this Friday evening Mike Biggar will be hosting his Christmas show, which will be the second one we’ve attended. He’s still selling his The Season CD from last year, which has proven very beneficial to his career.

I’ve had a couple of productive Skype episodes of late. Wrote a good song with Ivan Daigle on Sunday and another with Marshall Dane Tuesday. This was my first experience with Marshall, who’s in Ontario. He’s been on my radar for a while (some good YouTube videos) and I caught a performance at the CCMA in Hamilton. He struck me as being a talent to watch out for…good looking, fine soulful voice, solid rhythm guitarist, good songwriter, and he fronts a band like he was born doing it. Hardworking too: he tells me he works up to 300 dates a year.

Marshall emailed me today that he tried out our new song, written yesterday, on last night’s audience. And he plans to try it again tonight in a different key! This is a lad with a hefty measure of hustle, I’d say. I’m glad to be part of the team.

There are no doubt a few other tidbits to share but nothing that pops to mind. It’s finally quiet. The plumber is gone and my guitar beckons. The new sink looks very nice. And Maggie made a sale.


  1. Larry

    Your blog reads like a great novel. It’s evident you spend a lot of time reading. Miss you my friend.


  2. Always great to hear how well you’re doing. Regards to both you and Maggie.

    Chet A Blum

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