Posted by: Maggie Ross | August 14, 2011

Ontario beckons!

Yep, it’s me again, the self-confessed lazy blogger. Last Thursday I received chemo treatment #32. Treatment #31 went unmentioned in any blog, so I have been a while communicating here. Not sure why; it just hasn’t seemed like there was a lot to say.

But we’re doing well. I do find that the cumulative effect of the chemo is starting to show, mostly in the area of tiredness. It’s taking me longer than it used to to attain a more or less normal energy level after treatment. Today is Sunday and I’ve slept a lot during the day, even after a full night’s sleep. No pain or discomfort or even spiritual exhaustion…I just feel like lying down a lot and I do. And my “naps” can be one or two hours long. But my doctor assures me there’s nothing abnormal here, and she would prefer that I keep on with the treatments without taking a break as long as good results are being achieved without extreme side effects. So on we go. Over these next couple of days my energy will start normalizing.

I will in fact be getting one short break from chemo. In September I’m taking a trip to Ontario which will see me missing one treatment. I’ll be attending Canadian Country Music Week in Hamilton, Ontario, in early September. I’ll be part of a Round Table Discussion seminar where attendees float from table to table to receive various tidbits of “wisdom.”

I’ll also spend a couple of days with my cousin Bonnie in Barrie, and will then travel north to to spend several days at my buddy Jim Hopson’s beautiful Lake Effect Studio in Brechin, Ontario. I’ll do some co-writing with Jim and his assistant Taylor Abram, and whoever else shows up. Looking forward to that!

September will also mark Maggie’s foray into being a Saint John tour guide. She’s been studying hard, has gone along as a “shadow” on several tours to observe and learn, and she and I have taken several drives along the tour route while Maggie practices her commentary. For a small city there’s a lot to be said about it, and the challenge is how much to say before your customers enter a comatose state from information overload. She’ll figure it out. Meanwhile she’s becoming quite the expert on Saint John lore.

Not much more to say. I’m writing a lot, much of it by Skype. Had a great session with Halie Loren a couple of days back. I hadn’t seen her “in person” in quite some time and it was delightful to spend a few hours talking and writing. We came up with a pretty cool little song too.

We also received a lovely package last week from our Vancouver friend Trisha Gagnon. Trisha is Cathy-Anne McClintock’s sister (my “I Wanna Live Like That” collaborator) and I’ve known them both since the 80s. They were in a bluegrass band called Tumbleweed when we met. Now of course Cathy-Ann is a married mother of two living in Long Beach, CA, still writing and singing. And during all that time Trisha has been part of mandolinist John Reischman’s Jaybirds, playing upright bass as well as singing and writing excellent songs. They’re a very respected bluegrass unit and Trisha is much admired on the bluegrass circuit. Maggie and I were delighted to note that the band will be making a Saint John appearance at the Imperial Theatre in 2012. But in the meantime we received an envelope with a copy of Trisha’s brand new solo CD, and a jar of her delicious raspberry jam, which represents another little side business. And of course a lovely handwritten card.

Good friends…we’ve got a bunch out there and we’re deeply grateful.


  1. Great to hear that your spirits remain high and that you continue the fight. Sending more good thoughts your way.


  2. hi larry and maggie too!
    good to hear the good health report again. and glad to hear the doctor is saying nothing out of the ordinary with your chemo fatigue.
    best of luck to maggie with her new venture.
    that’s so cool that you wrote with halie via skype! she’s moving and shaking these days, isn’t she?
    glad to hear how much writing your doing.
    keep up the good health!
    best to you,

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