Posted by: Maggie Ross | July 3, 2011

Did Somebody Say Ducks?

Strange. I no sooner wrote about our parking lot ducks than they disappeared, never to be seen again. Maybe I blew their cover, I don’t know. Gee, I miss the little guys…

Chemo treatment #29 happened this past Thursday. Feeling good as always. Staying busy, much of it on Skype. But I did get to write face-to-face last week with Jay Semko, former bassist/vocalist/songwriter with the Northern Pikes, a name my Canadian friends will recognize. They were an excellent group who made a pretty big splash in the late 80s to early 90s. Jay is working solo now and, though he’s based out of Saskatoon, Sask., he’s managed by our friend Jeff Liberty who lives here.

Anyway Jay was in town to do a couple of shows and, courtesy of Jeff, I got to meet and write with him. A humble, talented and very likable guy. We wrote a wistful little ditty called “Hole In My Heart” Tuesday afternoon. The next evening I went to hear Jay’s show at the Bourbon Quarter. Just him and his guitar, and he rocked the place. For the second set he called on Mike Biggar and Grant Heckman (one of The Honeyboys and a top-notch guitarist) to do a couple of their songs and then finish the set with him. Great stuff! Another stellar night of entertainment out here in the Maritimes.

I also Skype-wrote a song last week with Alee Adomski who’s a fine 18-year-old singer living in Edmonton, Alberta. She also has an N.B. manager (what’s going on with this?), Steve McCauley, who was a Toronto based record guy in a former life. I’m totally impressed with Alee…lovely, smart, sings like a bird and plays very decent guitar. The whole package. We wrote a song that she is touting as a “keeper” and have a second date on the calendar. I tell ya, this Skype thing is a life saver!

I’m continuing to have fun with my little home recording unit. I had Melissa Hunt over here to sing on another unplugged demo, this one a tribute to her late grandfather. “Grandpa’s Dream” recalls his own unfulfilled music dreams. Ivan Daigle, perhaps the best country voice in this province, was here one night also to add a vocal to “You Can Stop The Music,” one of several country songs that we’ve written and that I love. Ivan is currently in Dauphin, Manitoba where he competed, and finished second, in the Countryfest Talent Contest…the only one of the 20 finalists not from Manitoba.

I’ve added these two new demos to my blog music page so you can take a listen.

I’ll run along now, but let me send out a slightly belated Happy Canada Day to my Canuck friends, and a premature Happy Fourth Of July to those south of the border. You’re all in my thoughts!


  1. Good to know that you’re busy and productive. Such a wonderful writer. Right now I’m watching a July 4th TV morning worship service but they’re singing rock and roll songs… Seeing some familiar faces on camera too, with the singers and musicians. I think its Two Rivers Church, but I know it’s a big one and they’re gonna have ‘indoor fireworks’… They must be very good people to be willing to set off fireworks inside and not think they’ll blow the place to Kingdom Come, or maybe that’s the idea…. where’s the koolaid!
    love you! RTD
    P.S. !!!!!!!!!!
    oh my gosh, they DO have indoor fireworks, (like big sparklers at the front of the stage and a light show and Neil Diamond’s on the speakers singing Coming To America!) Wow, I should go to church sometime I guess, I didn’t know what I’ve been missing!!!

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