Posted by: Maggie Ross | May 18, 2011

Spring? What spring?

Hi folks,

Just a few words from the East Coast where it seems to do nothing but rain, rain, rain…and then rain. Boring and a tad depressing at times. However today the downpour is indeed at bay though it’s a grayish sort of afternoon and you still don’t want to go anywhere without a jacket.

But life goes on regardless, and we’ve been fairly active and busy.

Last week we had a lovely visit from Pat Taylor, a friend from BC who we hadn’t seen for 16 years or so. Pat, who has a background in artist management and theatre, has become a cancer crusader in recent years. She lost a 26-year-old daughter to the disease in 2000. A documentary film, Sara’s Story, was made during Sara’s last years, and then a second one, Chasing Rainbows, was made following Sara’s death. Pat began touring and showing the films to cancer societies everywhere, with a particular slant toward young cancer patients and survivors. Now she’s touring again with a similarly-themed film called Wrong Way to Hope , which she didn’t create but strongly endorses. Representing Young Adults Living With Cancer, Pat travels the country spreading her message of hope and survival. Noble work, and no worthy cause ever had a more generous-hearted and enthusiastic cheerleader than our friend who, miraculously, looks no older than she did when last seen.

I met Pat for dinner in uptown Saint John last Wednesday. Maggie has been dealing with a bad cold that’s taken on bronchial overtones (she’s actually a lot better as I type this) and chose not to join us. Pat and I had a fine meal at the Urban Deli after which we headed to nearby Bourbon Quarter where our buddy Dann Downes was having a CD release party for his New Wolf at the Door album. Dann and his band played a terrific couple of sets. He calls his music “North Americana” and I don’t think I can top that for a description. The Bourbon Quarter was pretty much packed and it was a fine evening. Pat took multiple pictures and purchased not one but two copies of the CD.

Other than that I’ve been doing a fair bit of Skype writing…with Bri Arden in Manhattan, Shawn Dodd in Nashville and Kaitlyn Baker in Pound, Virginia. Good results all around. I’m becoming a Skype Junkie! Also wrote a good new song this week (in person) with Melissa Hunt. Plus I’ve been in the studio some with the tireless Mike Biggar, working on some new tracks toward his album.

And lastly, the results of my latest CT scan show continued improvement and tumor shrinkage. Even the crappy weather can’t cast a shadow over news like that!

Chemo #25 happens tomorrow. Till next time…


  1. Always good to read what’s going on Larry. So glad you’re busy and active and seemingly doing really well.

    My best regards always to you and Maggie.


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