Posted by: Maggie Ross | May 10, 2011

Another Dave Woods interview

Maggie here again to tell you about another interview Larry did with Dave Woods recently, this time for a new series he’s doing on “The Story Behind The Song”. They talked about five songs Larry’s written over the last twenty years or so that are particularly meaningful for him, and you can listen here. (There’s a short commercial before the show starts.)


  1. Your Mom & Ted are listenting to the interview…I will try to set up an easy way for her to connect to the BLOG.

  2. Great interview Larry. We just finished listening 🙂
    We love all of your music… for me I tend to agree that Chris Young ‘Drinking my lonley’ is so… well intoxicating. 😉
    It feels so exciting to hear the names of people we have actually met too, like Cathy Ann McClintock and Ron Irving.
    You and Maggie sure are special people in our lives thats for sure.
    xoxoxo D

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