Posted by: Maggie Ross | April 5, 2011

Confessions of a Lazy Blogger

I know, I know…it’s been several days since my last (uneventful) chemo and no appearance here. What can I say? A tad unmotivated would accurately describe me. Things were heading nicely toward spring, then on Friday we received another dump of snow making driving hazardous and spirits low. The snow’s long gone now but it’s a nasty rainy day, not in the least inspiring.

But other than that, all’s well. Except for an aching in the right side of my mouth: I had a tooth yanked today after weeks of increasingly persistent pain. A couple of more days and I should be able to forget about that but it’s throbbing a bit now. We’re settling nicely into the apartment, mostly just a few cosmetic things required now. I’m staying active musically. Mike Biggar’s three songs are mixed and sounding good but he, on his manager’s advice, is going to send the two most single-worthy songs to LA to be re-mixed for added radio punch. I’m anxious to see how that turns out.

On Friday I’ll be helming a strange but intriguing production project. Melissa Hunt and her family want to cut three sides as part of a promotional package for the CCMA (Canadian Country Music Association). We’ve decided to cut them in Nashville…without going to Nashville. I’ve sent down rough vocal-guitar mixes. These will be incorporated into the recording there for the band to build upon while Melissa and I observe via Skype. The sound won’t be great but with a little imagination I’m thinking I should be able to produce in this fashion. Then the Nashville tracks will be sent up here for final vocals and mixing. Pretty astonishing what you can do these days in the recording world!

Ruth Rosen, a Nashville friend and co-writer, gave us a nice surprise a few days ago. Several years back Ruth, Renee Lopez and I got together to write for the first time. Renee’s a great singer. She had the name “Rosa” on her mind that day…wanted to write something to include that. Ruth’s day job is signing for the deaf, and she was thinking of a song along those lines. So we combined the two and wrote a sweet song about a deaf girl called “Little Rosa” that we were all proud of. We had a nice demo recorded and Renee and I played it out a few times. After than, not much…until Ruth sent a YouTube video of her signing to the song. Very moving. Maggie’s parents were both deaf and I got to know her mother well (in spite of her living in London) and was exposed to a lot of signing. Like many, I find it fascinating to watch and Ruth is clearly a wonderful exponent of the art. Here’s a link so you can all have a look.

Also came across yet another glowing review of Halie Loren which quotes our co-write “They Oughta Write a Song.” And here’s a link to that.

Other than that, not much to say except that I’m looking forward to my two-week trip out west. I leave on the 15th to visit my mother in Medicine Hat, Alberta until the 22nd when I fly to Vancouver for some co-writing and the Hall of Fame ceremony. I return to Saint John on the 28th, just in time for another chemo. In fact my next one is scheduled for the 14th but I’m going to skip that so I can enjoy my trip without a bunch of rampant toxins surging through me.

And that, kind friends, is the news of the moment. Stay healthy and happy!


  1. great to hear you are doing well Larry 🙂 I hope you have wonderful travels to Vancouver for your Hall of Fame Ceremony. Will you get a chance to come to the Island? If you do you Becca and I would love to have a tea with you both.
    xo Deanna and Becca

    • Hello you two!

      First of all it’s just me who’ll be in BC, Maggie won’t be coming. I’ll be staying with the Irvings in Surrey and Ron has put together a co-writing schedule that does include one ferry ride over to Michael Behm’s house in Qualicum on the 25th. I’m not sure how close that’ll get us to you?

  2. “Little Rosa” is a very nice song. I’m guessing that’s a Scott demo. Very effective. Hope you have a nice visit with your mom….and a great time at the Vancouver festivities. Sounds like it’ll be a cool event, with you being part of the spotlight. Supposedly Ron Cornelius cut “Bakersfield” on Saturday. Hopefully it actually happened and turned out well….By the way, I put the rent money in your account today.

    Be well,

  3. Always great to read your blogs Larry. Glad you’re doing so well. My best regards to you and Maggie.

    Chet A Blum

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