Posted by: Maggie Ross | March 9, 2011

Blogs and More Blogs

Oops, I’m way late getting around to writing, which usually happens the day of chemo or the one following.

Actually things have been unusually busy, a lot of which is due to our recent move. We are now settled, more or less, in our new apartment in Rothesay. We’ve been staying here since last Friday. We’re not totally moved in…we need lamps, end tables and a kitchen table (not that we’re strangers to eating out of our laps in front of the TV). We’ll be picking up some more stuff on the weekend. This place is smallish (but there are two bedrooms) but certainly very functional. I have to smile because we’re like a couple of 20-somethings starting out–it’s that kind of place. Maggie and I have been living in our own homes for 30 years. Now suddenly we’re remembering what it is to hear footsteps in the hall and overhead, faint echoes of voices and music, cars coming and going in the parking lot outside. But the neighbors we’ve met seem decent, Cleo the cat seems happier and better adjusted than we dared expect…and, hey, it’s Our Little Place.

I’ve also been busy working with Mike Biggar on his recording project, which is evolving a little slowly but sounding very good. The three songs on the slate are top notch and I think this is going to be a very special year for Mike, who is very talented and very driven…the cocktail of success.

Another assignment I took on this week was to write a “guest blog” for the Songwriters Association of Canada. I was encouraged to write about the events of the past year…my diagnosis, leaving Nashville, relocating and how all of this has affected my songwriting and creativity. They seem to like what I submitted, which runs today. Many of you will know the details of the story, and some of you may also have found your way to this blog through Facebook but, in any case, here’s a link (it’ll open in a new window).

Also as a “special added bonus” there’s Jaydee Bixby’s new video of “Dream Bigger” at the end of that blog which looks pretty good, I guess (I never know what to make of videos). It’s in medium rotation on CMT Canada which is music to my ears!


  1. Hello from an old friend. I read about your health issues on the SAC facebook page and my prayers are with you.
    Stephen Lester-Smith (Vancouver)

  2. Hi Larry,

    So good to see you doing so well and being in such good spirits and such improved health. I read the guest blog you did for the Songwriters Association Of Canada. Wonderful stuff. I’m so glad things are going so well for you. I’ll let you know when I’m ready to do our last 2 songs. My warmest regards to you and Maggie.

    Chet A Blum

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