Posted by: Maggie Ross | February 18, 2011

No, no…not THAT Hall of Fame

Hello all!

Here we are again, a slightly drizzly Friday (good for helping melt the endless banks of snow but ugly when the melt freezes), and Maggie and I are taking it easy. Yesterday I received my 21st chemo treatment. All is well on that front although, as seems to always be the case the night of chemo, last night I had no interest in sleeping. Read, listened to a few CDs, played the guitar until finally I grew drowsy at about 7:30 am, at which point I retired until early afternoon. Makes for a strange, truncated day, already darkening as I type this.

I had a Skype session this afternoon with Brian Mallery, a New Brunswick friend from further north whose acquaintance I’ve not yet made in person. He’s a country singer who was interested in a couple of songs for an upcoming CD to be cut in Nashville. Since then we’ve communicated a lot and even co-wrote a song via Skype. He’s now down in Music City having the time of his life. The tracks are complete, recorded at The Tracking Room, a state of the art facility, with a lineup of great players…Brent Mason, Glenn Worf, Lonnie Wilson, Biff Watson, John Hobbs, Aubrey Haynie…it doesn’t get any better than that. It’s probably a statement of the times that an indie artist from out of town can descend on Nashville and snag that kind of talent and recording facility on a fairly modest budget. But good for him! Brian says the tracks are terrific and I can’t wait to hear them.

It’s been a pretty interesting week. Toward the beginning I got an e-mail from someone I don’t know in Vancouver informing me that I will be inducted into the BC Country Music Hall of Fame in April. A very pleasant piece of news! The BCCMA was a big part of my life in the late 80s/early 90s…I was on the board, I edited their newsletter for a few years, wrote scripts for the annual award show, actually produced the show one year…and I took home several of those awards myself for production and song of the year. So it’s gratifying to be remembered and honored in the place where it really all began for me.

The timing couldn’t be better too, with Jaydee Bixby’s “Dream Bigger” single doing well on the charts. Jaydee’s an Alberta native but now makes his home in BC.

Mike Biggar and I have been writing up a storm and now, to my delight, he’s enlisted me to co-produce a project with him at the beginning of March. It will be a three-song EP (two of them our recent co-writes), the first installment of a full album to be completed later in the year. Mike’s a great singer and songwriter, and I’m really excited about this, my first New Brunswick production gig (with many to follow, let’s hope). We’ll do it at Ripple Effect, a nice studio that can accomodate a rhythm section (if just a bit snugly) which is what we’re aiming for here. Many of the local productions take place in basement studios with instruments being recorded piecemeal, a very painstaking and “cool” way to get the job done. The adrenaline flows much better when tracking is done off the floor.

One other item of interest before I disappear…Maggie and I will heading up a publishing workshop under the auspices of Music New Brunswick. This represents another first for us in this neck of the woods. We’d like to do more of this sort of thing, also addressing songwriting.

Interestingly, the seminar (which is only an hour long followed by a meet-and-greet session) will take place at the Vintage, a charming restaurant and show venue in nearby Hampton. The Vintage was the first venue that Maggie and I explored after moving here, and the act that night was the lovely Laura Biggar on piano and vocals performing some superb originals, backed by a combo that included husband Mike on drums. That was the night we first met the Biggars who are now our good friends. Playing bass that night was Tim Davidson who owns Ripple Effects studio. Somehow a recurring theme seems to be running through this post, about the circularity of things in our lives.

So that’s a taste of what’s going on with us at the moment. Overall we’re pleased. Also gathering up housewares and whatnot for our move in March. Everything’s proceeding well thanks to the generousity of friends and relatives.

And with that I’ll sign off for now. Thanks as always for your good wishes and responses in general. I love hearing from ya!



  1. Congratulations, Larry Wayne! You hall-of-famer, you… Couldn’t be more well-deserved! So proud to be co-writing with such an acclaimed guy 😀

    Really happy to hear that you are involving yourself with some pretty great-sounding projects, too… I will look forward to hearing how they turn out!

    Good luck with your move, and with gathering the necessary elements for a comfy new home. Hope to see you guys — and your new place — soon!

    Warm wishes and hugs!


  2. Congratulations, Larry Wayne, on being being inducted into the BC Country Music Hall of Fame and for being recognized for the talent you are! It couldn’t happen to anyone more deserving than you.

    Also sounds like you and Maggie are getting into the middle of all things music again–good for you both–I know you’ll make wonderful contributions to whatever you two are involved with.

    Great news about the continued improvement on your health!

    Best Wishes to you both.

  3. 🙂 I love Donald Sutherland… xo
    Great to read your blogs Larry , Bekka and I really look forward to hearing form you and Maggie.
    Glad to hear things are well even in the great mounds of Canadian drifts.
    Congratulations on your induction into the Music Hall of Fame in April!! We are so proud and thrilled for you.
    Love to you and Maggie.
    xoxo Deanna and Bekka xoxo

  4. Hey, Lawrence, the pleasure is all mine having you on the album. You rawk, in that “Donald Sutherland meets Jeff Bridges” kinda way. 🙂

  5. Larry, happy to hear about your continued good health news! Congratulations on your induction into the BC Country Music Hall of Fame!!! It sounds like some really nice things are happening in music …best to you and Maggie with the workshop.
    Always good to read your news.
    Hello to Maggie,

  6. Hi Larry,

    Always great to read your blog and see how great your doing and how many great things appear to be coming your way. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. I look forward to demoing the last 2 songs we have one of these days. Regards to Maggie.


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