Posted by: Maggie Ross | January 24, 2011

Mood: Pretty Darn Happy

Hello again,

Maggie and I met with our GP today to review my latest CT scan results. The news is indeed heartening…things are continuing to improve with significant tumor shrinkage. We stepped back out into the -17 degrees C. day feeling oddly warm inside.

My Saturday writer’s night at the Somerset Pub went very nicely. It’s a nice pub with the stage visible to all tables. Not very big but that adds to the intimacy. We had a good sized crowd and a very attentive one. I described myself as a bit of an odd duck…a seldom performing writer-producer who needs lyric sheets to remember his songs in the midst of three troubadours who are the “end users” of everything they write and perform with real passion. In any case the night went well, I was lauded to an embarrassing degree and my songs were well received. I even sold a CD and made a few bucks off the door.

Life is good!



  1. Great news!!

  2. Great medical news Larry. You and Maggie are in my thoughts. Glad the writer’s night went well as well.


  3. So when does the Canadian Tour start? Now what to call it, hmmmm. I’ll have to give that some thought. Great news about the CT scan results. Keep making that forward progress!

  4. That is AWESOME Larry, Bonnie and I couldn’t be happier for you! Also I am very glad that “Writers Night” went well, sorry we couldn’t make it……

    All the Best


  5. Such great news about the CTScan results!!! We are ecstatic! And you were great the other night at The Somerset, you showman, you!


  6. Wonderful news! You and Maggie are always in our thoughts

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