Posted by: Maggie Ross | January 21, 2011

Changes afoot

Chemo treatment #19 went by like a breeze. Driving home from the hospital I could see clusters of ice fishing huts on the Kennebacasis River. Now that’s something you won’t see in Nashville!

This Saturday marks a first for me: I’ll be part of a writer’s night at the Somerset Pub, along with Debbie Adshade, Dann Downes and Clinton Charlton, who invited me to participate. This will be my “debut” Saint John performance and I’m looking forward to it. As always when these things arise I’m combing through songs wondering which I can perform with any sort of authority. I mean it sincerely when I say I write songs for others to sing. Many of them I can’t sing at all…they just don’t work for my voice or they’re clearly intended for a female artist. There are only a few that I can say I’ve learned (even then I’ll take lyric sheets with me). But I’ll enjoy it. I always do…especially when it’s over.

I’ve been advertising my services as a songwriting coach lately. A few interesting replies, especially the very first one which has introduced me to a lovely and talented singer-song writer named Melissa Hunt. She’s exactly the type of promising young hopeful I met all the time in Nashville…except Melissa lives exactly three doors down from us in Quispamsis, New Brunswick! What were the odds? I’m very excited about Melissa; I think she could be a star.

Speaking of where we live, we’ve agreed with my cousin that it’s time for us to get our own digs and we will be out of here as of the end of March. We’re starting to look at apartments. If we can we’ll stay right here in Quispamsis, or we may move elsewhere in the general area.

Guess that’ll do for now. Greetings and best wishes all,



  1. How did it go? I’m glad your treatments are so easy on you. I am still having trouble with these heart meds and have decided to switch doctors. I have another show coming up Feb 3–the December show was a big success.

  2. Sing pretty on Saturday night. Don’t let all that vocal coaching I did with you go to waste. And if you happen to do any of our things, as is always the case, let me know. I can add them to my ASCAP Plus Awards application. Every performance helps.

    • How–how indeed–could I let such a thing happen? Your painstaking efforts have made me the tower of mellifluousity that awed listeners behold today. My only dream is that someday I may be able to match your own standard of vocal superlativeness.

      Or maybe not.

  3. Such good news Larry! Enjoy your debut there! Always happy to hear from you.

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