Posted by: Maggie Ross | January 11, 2011

Some cats can, some can’t

Hi everyone,

I neglected to post anything the day of my latest chemo treatment which happened uneventfully last Thursday. It’s amazing how quickly something like this (that fills your body with toxins and can wreak havoc in some) becomes routine, even a little boring. Just something I gotta do.

Today I was back at Saint John Regional Hospital for another catscan. Fingers are crossed that the results, which we’ll get in a week or so, will be as encouraging as last time. Based on the way I’m feeling I’m optimistic.

Also went to visit my cousin-by-marriage, Carolyn Laskey, who is at the Regional recovering from her second knee replacement. Her husband, my cousin David, has also had both knees replaced recently…making a total of four replaced knees in one household within six months! Probably not unique but certainly unusual. Anyway everyone’s doing well.

Hope the same goes for all of you out there!



  1. Larry,
    I am so pleased to read the update you posted here last week. Very hopeful that by now you’ve gotten the results back and all is well and good. Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers in the meantime.
    Love to you and Maggie.

  2. Larry,
    Your presence and talent are missed in Cashville. So wonderful to hear that you are optimistic and in good spirits. I wanted to share with you that my father in law is in remission, he just found out. He has been fighting blood cancer and bone marrow cancer; it can be done! I will be looking for your update and the good news. In the mean time, wanna write one? I have a great half a song and it could use your touch. Hugs to you and Maggie,
    Shelly and Howard

  3. Oh, and here I thought you were talking about Cleo!

  4. cats can…i just got that…lol
    prayers in our hearts and fingers crossed for great results next week.
    We hope that you and Maggie are keeping well and happy.
    D and B

  5. well, I’m still working and all, but the meds are not working. I’ve decided to go to UAB as the only thing the drs here want to do is increase meds to the level that can harm my kidneys. We’ll get it figured out.

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