Posted by: Maggie Ross | January 3, 2011

The Mighty Halie does it again…

Hey guys!

Happy New Year to all!

At my lowest ebb in 2010 I wondered if I’d even see this year arrive. Here it is and here am I, feeling pretty great and anxious to see what the year holds in store. As always I’m grateful to all of you for the healing vibrations in your kind thoughts and prayers.

To start the new year off on a sweet note indeed I received this YouTube link from Halie Loren, who never ceases to dazzle me with her talent and finesse.

It’s a live rendering of our song “Danger In Loving You” performed in Oregon with her excellent jazz combo. Here’s proof a-plenty that there are still true artists out there who can make a song sizzle without the help of autotuning and other studio trickery.

Halie is the real thing and I’m proud to be involved in her rising career.



  1. Love Halie’s voice! Great reading your blogs Larry, looks like you’re settling into a new life of adventure very nicely. You’ll be the one everyone wants to right with in no time at all. So happy for you both. Send along your address when you’re settled into your new place.


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