Posted by: Maggie Ross | December 23, 2010

Two more sleeps…

Hi friends,

I won’t be posting my usual post-chemo report this time, for the simple reason that I’m skipping the treatment that would normally be happening today. My “bottle disconnect,” as it’s called, would fall on Christmas day, so it seemed sensible to let this treatment pass. I’m sure my body will appreciate a couple of weeks with no new toxins to contend with!

Speaking of Christmas…the clock is ticking by quickly. It looks like it might be a white one here in Quispamsis; snow is swirling beyond the window as I write this, and there’s more in the forecast. Anyway, I thought I’d take a moment not only to extend season’s greetings, but also to express my deep gratitude to all of you who read this blog and have sent your prayers and good wishes throughout the strange journey that Maggie and I have been on for most of this year. It hasn’t been a lot of fun (although it’s been punctuated with some wonderful moments) but your love and encouragement have been a balm and a blessing every step of the way, for which we offer heartfelt thanks.

Let’s hope that 2011 brings great things to all of us!


PS – For those of you who haven’t already received it, here’s a link to our e-card


  1. To a wonderful and blessed New Year. All our prayers and loving friendship…
    Deanna and Bekka

  2. Love you two. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy NEW Year!

  3. just checked in on you. I’m doin ok w the heart meds although having some bp probs. will carry on–that us dude!

  4. Merry Christmas Larry and Maggie. Have a wonderful Christmas and all the best of health and wealth for the New Year.
    Love Mikey

  5. Glad to be a punctuation mark! 🙂

    • The punctuation marks were some of the “wonderful moments” that made the year bearable so those were and are very important!! We love you dude!

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