Posted by: Maggie Ross | December 17, 2010

Live and on the air

Maggie here. Larry doesn’t like to blow his own horn too much so I thought I’d let you know about a live online interview he did the other day with Dave Woods.

As well as being the host of “In The Country,” Dave is a huge country music fan and a songwriter. The shows are aired live at and are also archived there and on itunes.

Here’s a direct link to Larry’s interview.


  1. Thanks Maggie… great interview! Larry you sound so wonderful, I have always admired that you have such a passion for music, people and life. You are truly someone that we inspire to be like.

  2. Thanks Glenn. Feel free to forward it to anyone you think might be interested. Best to you and yours for the holiday season and the new year. Maggie

  3. Thanks Maggie , great interview , hope you don’t mind if I share it with my friends , very insightful and inspiring for all of us aspiring writers , glad Larry is feeling better too , From my family to yours I hope you both have a wonderful holiday , your friend , g

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