Posted by: Maggie Ross | December 13, 2010

And then the rains came…

Whoops…getting a little behind on my blogging here!

Probably has something to do with uninspiring weather. It’s raining absolute buckets here in New Brunswick, and lots of other places according to the news. It’s dinnertime here now and quite dark out but really this is a day that never seems to have happened. It’s been dark, gloomy, blowy and WET all day. At least it’s melted all the snow that was on the ground. A good day to stay in and do very little, which is exactly how it’s being spent here, although I will be going over to write with Mike Biggar tonight, fortunately just minutes away.

Meanwhile, on to other fronts…I had treatment #17 last Thursday, very uneventfully. I have to say I’ve been feeling fatigued at times, napping quite a lot, but we’re told this is normal enough after this sort of accumulation of chemo. I can’t complain, given my overall lack of bad side effects.

Other than that, trying to keep the writing going. Skype is proving to be a viable option that I’m using quite a lot now. It would be cool to write a hit song with a person I wasn’t even sitting in the same room with!

Nothing more for the moment. Hope all’s well out there with you fine people.


  1. Hi Larry & Maggie:
    Glad to hear things are going reasonably well!
    Rose and I wish you and Maggie all the best for a great holiday season and for a Happy and Healthy New Year. Good to hear that you are keeping busy writing. I recently got hooked up on Skype. Maybe we can say hello sometime in the near future. All the best!

  2. It’s been raining buckets here too… well, no one needs to shovel the rain … 🙂
    Bring an umbrella to Mike’s tonight and have fun…
    Have you and Maggie discovered the Saturday Night Raido Bingo…I hear all the cool East Coast people play…lol
    At least this is what my mother in law has informed us …lol So I have added quiet the fancy aray of “Bingo Dobber” colours to my Santa list for this Christmas.
    Keep well and stay in peace…
    love to you and Maggie
    always in our prayers,
    Deanna and Bekka too …

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