Posted by: Maggie Ross | November 14, 2010

Fifteen down…

Hi boys and girls,

Nothing much to report. This is just a quick note to say that chemo treatment #15 went without a hitch this past Thursday. I feel better than ever. I’m working hard at staying busy and am writing more all the time.

As always your comments and prayers are deeply appreciated. I feel truly blessed to have so many special people in my life. Stay tuned for more news when I’ve got more news.


  1. Well, well. I’ve thought about you a million times and just looked you up on facebook. Seems I can’t find the “add as friend option,” but was taken to this website instead. New Brunswick? When did that happen?

    I left Nashville in 2005 for a job as a heart transplant coordinator and Dallas, and started working at consulting a few years after that, which had me on a plane every week traveling to hospitals hither and yon. In the midst of all that I was found online by a friend of my brother’s from 25 years ago, and we’ve been together since. And, get this…. I’m now living in Ottawa with him. No one’s more surprised than I am, but it’s going quite well.

    Now, I’m really sorry to hear about your diagnosis Larry. Not sure what it is specifically, but you’re obviously getting chemo. I hate that for you, but I’ve seen some major miracles in my line of business, so you never know.

    So, New Brunswick and Ottawa really aren’t that far apart. Not as far as Dallas and Nashville. Would really love to keep in touch, and I’m glad that you’re still obviously writing great tunes.

    Give my love to Maggie for me, will you? I’m on Facebook and my new email address is Or, you can call me at 613-523-4920.

    The folks from Collingwood are still doing just great, and they’ve always asked about you over the years. I’ll tell them I got a glimpse of you online.

    Would be good to stay in touch my friend.

  2. Hey Maggie & Larry, I agree with the comment above! It is GREAT news! So happy to hear you are feeling so darn good! We have some very chilly weather here and got a wee bit of snow too! Yes, I know it’s nothing compared to the New Brunswick winter, but you know us west coasters…..this cold is COLD to us!! It’s below 0 easily overnight!.ohhh boo hoo!
    Big hugs to you both and keep writing!
    Love ya, Sue & Ron

  3. Larry, you might be calling this a “no news” report, but it sure looks like a truckload of good news to me!

  4. Stay positive and do not allow negative to come around you! Know that many people think of you and want the best. Although, not being naive…”pretend” you are A-#1 healthy with no C. See where you will be after treatments! Hugs!

  5. Hi Larry and Maggie, Have been thinking of you both since we met in Saint John. Love the CD you left Larry, thank you so much. So glad to hear that things are going well for you. We have had a rough couple of months since we met but things are looking up now…….you are both in our thoughts and prayers…Janice and Wayne

    • Hey there Janice and Wayne,

      We’ve been trying to email you but keep getting bounces.

      Lovely to hear from you and I’m glad you like the CD. We remember you guys
      fondly from the Regional. I haven’t been a guest there for a while now and
      that’s a good thing.

      Great to hear that things are looking up!

      Larry & Maggie

  6. Yeay You 🙂
    …we too are so blessed to have you and Maggie intersect our life journey…
    Prayers always,
    Deanna and Bekka Simms

  7. Glad to hear it Larry. Winter is rolling in on the wet coast. Stay well. Cheers Mikey

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