Posted by: Maggie Ross | October 27, 2010

Some good news!

So Maggie and I showed up at the Regional this morning for my monthly meeting with my oncologist. The main event this time was to discuss the results of my latest CT scan. And the news is very positive. There’s measurable shrinkage of all the tumors, quite significant in a couple of cases. Needless to say we’re very happy about that. So for the foreseeable future we’ll continue with this current cocktail of drugs as long as I’m not having adverse reactions. My next treatment is tomorrow.

We have a guest this week, 20-year-old Taylor Abram from Barrie, Ontario. Taylor is a talented singer-songwriter who works as a recording engineer for our friend Jim Hopson. We’ve written a few songs during Taylor’s occasional Nashville visits and the purpose of this junket is to write some more. We’ve been hard at it and have completed three songs since Monday. Nice to be busy.

Other than that, not a lot to report. I’ve done a bit more studio work on Mike Biggar’s Christmas project which, thanks to Mike’s ever present i-Phone, has been photographically captured and shared with the world on facebook. Ah fame…


  1. So great to hear your wonderful news…Power Prayer Proof 🙂
    …I sure hope that we too can one day visit and see what you and Bekka can create for the Jazz world…
    keep healthy and strong…
    love to you and Maggie
    Deanna and Bekka

  2. Great news Larry,keep it coming!!

  3. Great news Larry.

  4. Larry, Bonnie and I can’t tell you how happy we are about this news. You have been more than a songwriting partner to me over these last months, you are my mentor and the person who challenges me to be a better writer without even trying. It is with great pride that I call you co-writer and even more that I call you my friend – until next time


  5. Wow I am soooooooo happy to hear that news. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with you and I am so glad your writing. Music really does heal many wounds…Biggest Huggs!!!! Shawna Lynne

  6. Great news Larry , always good to hear news like that , congratulations , g

  7. Congrats on the GREAT news. Prayers work….this is proof.

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