Posted by: Maggie Ross | October 14, 2010

Lucky 13?

Well, I had my thirteenth chemo treatment today.  Hard to believe. Times does indeed fly, and this is a method of measuring it that I would never have envisioned a little over seven months ago. It’s been a journey, but I’m glad to report I’m feeling well.

Tomorrow I’m scheduled for a CT scan and we’ll see what that reveals.

Otherwise all is fairly uneventful. Winter is definitely beginning to declare itself in NB…cold nights, frost on the car in the mornings. We’re not looking forward to dealing with serious snowfalls and prolonged sub-zero temperatures, but I guess we’ll get through it.

Last weekend we drove up to Moncton to attend part of the three-day Music New Brunswick festivities. This is an event that was put on hold for a while as the organization hit some bad spots. But they seem to be back on track with new executives and revived energy. We attended some showcases and were certainly impressed. As I’ve mentioned before there is some talent to contend with in this neck of the woods. Getting a successful industry in place is the big challenge. We’re getting to know a bunch of performers, songwriters and other creatures of the biz…people like Mike and Laura Biggar, Ivan Daigle, Steve Waylon, Rik Reese and Jeff Liberty… and I look forward to doing more co-writing in the area. Meanwhile Maggie continues to pitch songs as diligently as ever, although getting big cuts seems a near impossibility these days. We’re happy to accept the indie stuff, which is where a lot of the true talent lies.

Not getting rich, of course, but who is besides Taylor Swift and Justin Beiber?


  1. Hey cousin,

    Overdue for an update! Many out her in web world thinking about you and concerned we haven’t heard anything in almost 2 weeks.

    Keep strong and write us some country songs

  2. Sounds like you’re blooming where you’ve been planted-wouldn’t expect anything less from you two.

    Hang in there.

    Love yuins-mean it!

  3. Hi Larry,

    So glad to hear you’re feeling well. I think of you often and wish you nothing but continued success on your journey to renewed good health.


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