Posted by: Maggie Ross | October 3, 2010

A Capitol performance

Maggie and I drove up to Moncton last evening, approximately 90 minutes from here. We attended Francelle Maria’s CD launch party at the lovely Capitol Theatre, and it was well worth the drive. Francelle sold out the 780-seat theatre…she’s clearly a local hero. Her show, running nearly two hours, was energetic and thoroughly engrossing. This is a young woman who clearly loves the stage and uses it like an instrument…shades of Shania, even a young Ann-Margret. She sang our “One Has To Go,” a song dedicated to her late grandfather and actually brought a tear to my calloused eye (the other one was seemingly unaffected). She ended her set with our “What I Meant to Say” and rocked it hard.The opening act was a duo, Samuel Bourgeois & Ginette Landry, who were also very good. Their entire set  was in French although their intros and patter were in French and English. It might be useful to explain here that New Brunswick is Canada’s only official bilingual province. The country itself is bilingual but the individual provinces settle matters on their own. Quebec is officially French, not surprisingly. New Brunswick is 30% French and certain areas, Moncton being one, are predominantly French. Fortunately just about every Francophone seems to be bilingual. Francelle is shooting for Canada wide country radio airplay and that means keeping it English. All her songs are in English as is her stage patter, but for a few occasonal French asides. The audience ate it up, whatever language it was delivered in, a display of passionate home town support that did my heart good.

Jeff Liberty’s article about me in the KV Style insert of the local paper came out yesterday. Much appreciated Jeff! It’s so flattering you’d think I wrote it myself. Here’s a link

OK, so I’ll blow my horn on one other matter, another Canadian single. Alberta’s Jaydee Bixby was a teenage runner-up on Canadian Idol a few years back. He’s since gone on to launch a fast-rising country music career and has included a Brainchild song, “Dream Bigger,” on his sophomore CD. We’re told it will be his next single, to be released later this month. I wrote the song with Doug Sylvester (from Saskatoon) and we both agree Jaydee’s done a fine job. Check out a clip at

Enough hornblowing…I’m outta here.


  1. I write what I believe and you sir a one heck of a talent and to top it off a very nice man. I wish you and Maggie nothing but the best…. The pleasure is mine… J

  2. Such a modest man you are Larry… We sing your praises all the time…xo
    Glad you and Maggie are getting out and enjoying the East Coast of Canada…
    We can hardly woit until you both venture out this way again…
    Lots O hearts to you and Maggie,
    Deanna and Bekka

  3. Wow – that was a great article. You don’t blow your own horn nearly enough – I didn’t know many of the accomplishments that were mentioned. I’m so proud of you, and I love you cuz!

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