Posted by: Maggie Ross | September 30, 2010

Fame at last. In Quispamsis?

Hey gang,

I must learn to be better about these long pauses between posts. My cousin Bonnie called from Ontario last night with a slightly worried tone in her voice. But there’s no cause for concern; all is well.

I received my 12th chemo treatment today. The new Power Port performs like a champ. Since I’m now at the end of this round of treaments there’ll be a CT scan happening in the next few days to assess the current state of affairs. But meantime there is another chemo treatment scheduled on my calendar, so things will go an as they have been, it seems.

Although I’m feeling pretty energetic today, this past couple of weeks haven’t been my strongest. Some fatique and a marked loss of appetite over several days (which seems to have passed). My system may be reacting to these powerful antibiotics I’ve been pumping into it for several weeks. Fortunately that stops this weekend, which also marks the end of a no-alcohol ban. Timely, since Maggie and I will be attending Francelle Maria’s CD release party on Saturday night in Moncton, NB, perhaps a 90 minute drive from here. I probably mentioned this previously but Francelle has sold some 700-plus tickets for the event at the 780-seat Capitol Theatre in Moncton, which is a very impressive small town feat. Good on her…our two co-writes on the CD rank high among my favorites of the past year.

But that’s not the reason for this post’s extravagant title. I received a call at the beginning of the week from one of my new local friends, Jeff Liberty. Jeff’s a music biz force to contend with…manager of several acts, notably blues sensation Matt Anderson (check him out, he’s a star on the rise), ex-Nothern Pikes member Jay Semko, and another new buddy, melodic rocker Mike Biggar. Jeff also books talent for local venues and is a journalist with a regular entertainment column in Saturday’s Telegraph-Journal newspaper. So Jeff called to say he wanted to interview me for this week’s column, which sounded fine to me. Since we both have a raconteurial streak and a love of music trivia the conversation lasted for two hours. Jeff somehow managed to whittle something out of it which I’ve seen and must admit is quite flattering. I’ll attach a link to a later post.

Summer is definitely over hereabouts. Fallen temperatures, rain and fog…but driving home from the hospital today I was struck by the lovely colors on generous display in this tree-rich area. And then there’s an occasional whiff of wood smoke on the evening breeze. What’s more comforting and inviting than that?


  1. There’s no such thing as a “small pond” anymore! Congrats! SG

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