Posted by: Maggie Ross | September 5, 2010

Waiting for Earl

Well, it’s been a week of good news and bad news…like most of them.

My mother Audrey, 87 years old and sharp as a tack, arrived from Medicine Hat, AB late Monday night. We haven’t seen each other since before my diagnosis so this is an important trip, a chance for her to see me looking healthy and active.

Unfortunately I was notified for yet another hospital admission on Wednesday. My oncologist wanted this chemo round (and the next) to be administered on an in-patient basis. So, I found myself back among my friendly caregivers at the Regional for a few days. A pretty uneventful stay, except that this midline catheter I’ve been given is behaving like everything else that’s been poked into me…badly. I have a minor blood clot and some pain in my upper arm. Can’t wait to get the chest port, now scheduled for the 21st.

Preceding Hurricane Earl, Saint John was hit with an unprecedented wave of heat and humidity. Of course I was ensconsced in an air-conditioned hospital room, watching Earl approach on TV as the talking heads sang their usual songs of disastrous possibility, interspersed with grim footage from the States. Of course when the weekend rolled around Earl proved pretty much a non-event in the Saint John area, although some parts of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia suffered more…high winds, heavy rain, power outages.

When I returned to the house Saturday afternoon, chemo done with, the only evidence of the storms was a generous scattering of crabapples on the driveway, the better to feed the many marauding deer that populate the area. The weather is now in keeping with the season, warmish during the day and nippy at night.

Not much on the plate for this week…brief hospital visits and a chance to visit with my mother (who’s here till the 12th). Maybe a couple of day trips.

And on it goes. More when there’s more to report.



  1. Only 10 more days until the 21st Larry… 🙂
    What a day it is when we are all looking forward to “chest port day” Eh?
    kind of puts things into perspective for us in a real hurry…sigh…we love you and miss you and Maggie tons;)
    Deanna and Bekka

    • Actually the date was moved…the port’s going in this coming Wednesday! Which means I’ll receive my first chemo through it the next day, which should mean I won’t need to be admitted. I look forward to having nothing stuck in my arms and giving my exhausted veins a chance to heal.

      Thanks for dropping by!

      Love, Larry

  2. Glad to know that you are well sir, I love reading your blog –

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