Posted by: Maggie Ross | August 27, 2010

A Tale of Two Hospitals and The Fountain of Youth

Just back from St. Joseph’s Hospital. It’s the other hospital serving the Saint John area…smaller, a bit more “boutique” feeling. They don’t do chemo there but I go there for line care, dressing changes and now, daily Vancomycin refills.

We found out this morning that my next two chemo treatments will be given as an in-patient at Saint John Regional, necessitating a two day hospital stay. Life would be so much simpler if my chest port were in place. It was supposed to be installed next Tuesday but, apparently because I’m on antibiotics to cleanse my “tainted” blood, the procedure has been delayed till the 21st…at which time I’ll only have one more chemo session left in this 12-round schedule.

So I’ll have a hospital stay right in the midst of my mother’s visit, which kind of sucks. But on to nicer things.

We got a link today to a YouTube video from our friend Francelle Maria promoting her new Canadian country single, “What I Meant To Say,” which is one of our co-writes. I think it sounds great and let’s hope country radio agrees. What’s interesting is that Francelle is a New Brunswick girl, living not far from where I sit right now, but we wrote the song in Nashville earlier this year when she was down there. The tracks were recorded in Nashville, vocals were done in Canada, a not uncommon hybrid these days. Little did I know we were writing a single and would be near neighbors when it was released.

Check her out… . There’s another live version of the song on YouTube, not as studio tight but giving ample evidence of Francelle’s very commendable stagecraft.

I also received a copy of Halie Loren’s rendering of my (and mine alone, rarely) “Tango Lullabye.” Sounds exquisite, of course. I’m so grateful for all this activity and to be working with such talented young artists. It keeps my mind off cancer and focused on the main event: staying healthy and creative. It’s my fountain of youth!


  1. Hello Larry,

    You probably won’t remember me, I was a friend of Bill Pachal,
    and Stephen Lester Smith back in the 1980′s in Vancouver, when
    you were first starting out. I always remember the song you
    wrote “It ain’t the cowboy thing to do”.

    I went to hear Brian Nichol play at a local Legion the other week and he told me
    the news about your unfortunate circumstances regarding your health and
    was so sorry to hear about this.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you for a speedy recovery back
    to good health.

    All the best to both you and Maggie.

    God Bless,
    Beatrice De Faria

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