Posted by: Maggie Ross | August 23, 2010

The Human Pincushion reports

Just a brief LWC update… Spent much of today at the Saint John Regional (my home away from home). I had to have my regular bloodwork and linecare done, but I complained enough about this new PICC line that I actually got an unscheduled meeting with my oncologist. I told her that my PICC arm was paining me quite a lot, and showed her that the site wasn’t looking all that pretty. She agreed.

The upshot: PICC line has now been removed. My poor much-punctured body is now catheter free. Next Tuesday I will be having a new port installed in my chest. These have an excellent track record as far as clots and infections go.

I consider this an important step in a new direction.


  1. Who knew a ‘simple’ line for injecting drugs could be so problematic! We’ve got fingers crossed the chest port will be the solution. Know we think of you everyday and, of course, check the blog

  2. Yeah, the chest ports are great! You will like it far better than the one in your arm.
    So happy to hear you are getting out to hear the music in your new city. Summer concerts have been fantastic out here in B.C. too. Gotta love it! Fresh air and entertainment! The best!
    Lots of hugs to you and Maggie
    Pat and Lee

  3. My Goodness Larry … i’m glad you will be free for a short while at least…
    you and Maggie are in our prayers and thoughts daily…
    D and B

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