Posted by: Maggie Ross | August 21, 2010

Chillin’ in SJ

LWC here. Nothing dramatic to report but I thought I’d make an appearance. Got rid of the antibiotic pump (very awkward to carry around) and had my ninth round of chemo (three more left) on Thursday through PICC line #3. Wouldn’t you know it…more line complications.

I complained of a pain in my arm above the PICC during a recent hospital visit with my oncologist. She suggested we “bounce some waves off of it” and the ultrasound revealed a blood clot. I had one of these a while ago and was prescribed Warfarin, taken orally and not expensive. Now I’m being prescribed Fragmin, a powerful anticoagulant that’s self-injected daily and is hellishly expensive (like $1400 a month!).

We’ve been given some free samples which will soon run out. A social worker at the hospital is trying to tap into some more permanent subsidization. We don’t have drug coverage in this province, a slight wrinkle in our new world. But, ever the optimist, I’m sure it’ll work out. Meanwhile I’m feeling just fine, no ill effects from the chemo, playing my guitar and starting to write songs again. I’ve been meeting some talented local folks who are anxious to co-write.

Today was sunny and beautiful. We drove uptown and parked. Walked around…buskers on fiddles and guitars, happy faces everywhere. We checked out the Jen Chapin Trio at the Bourbon Quarter, playing a free matinee. Quite enchanting. She’s Harry’s daughter and there’s something of him evident in her musical genes. Throw in some Billie Holliday, some Rickie Lee Jones…it’s sultry, jazz/bluesy, poetic and compellingly rendered. Jen is a true performer who owns and articulates every moment with hands, arms and facial expression. Her guitarist and upright bassist are brilliant. Unfortunately we missed the Honeyboys, a great local blues outfit, at the City Market. Got there just as they were packing up (but they’re local and we’ll catch them again), so we sat and talked with Jeff Liberty, a mover and shaker on the local entertainment scene who books, manages and writes about talent. Nice guy.

I almost forgot to mention we caught a great set on the Rothesay Common during the week: David Myles and his trio. Engaging, funny, rhythmically sharp, great harmonies…all very understated and richly rewarding, all the more so being heard in a park in the open air, sitting in our collapsible chairs that seldom emerged from the trunk in sweltering Nashville.

Lots to see and hear in this area. I’m liking it better by the day.



  1. …just speaking to Tony Paoletta…went looking for you when I heard of the challenges you have been going through. Mine and Paula’s prayers go with you. All our love to you and Maggie. Please let me know if there is anything I can do.

    Love and bundles of cheer!

    A former basement dweller


  2. I love the feeling from the audience when there is that unspoken “vibe” that is shared…you know Larry, when the audience and performer find that connection …you feel as though you’ve known that person for years…like there family…It’s hard to really put words on and explain…but you know 🙂
    We are glad to hear how you are doing and can hardly wait to see you here again…

    lots of love to you and Maggie…
    D and B

  3. Sounds like your comfortable and enjoying S.J. and what it has to offer.I think I read that you met up with Steve(Waylon).? When I went through my treatment there, Dr. Kumar was my doc. I think he’s the bossman at oncology there now.Take care,remain positive. Dan

    • Yeah, having a good time in spite of the bad stuff. I believe Steve W and I will get together next Monday.

      Don’t know any Dr. Kumar. Retired perhaps, I think I’ve heard the name. My oncologist, Dr. Margot Burnell, rules the roost now, and very capably.

  4. It’s amazing to me that in the midst of all you’re going through with your health, that the main focus of this letter is the music you’re hearing and the sites you’re seeing…that’s great. Sounds like some great music happening there. I hope that the issue of $ for Rx gets solved…that’s a bitch to have to deal with i’m sure.
    It’s great hearing about how you’re doing. Look forward to hearing your new songs soon!

    • Well, it’s a matter of priorities. Dwelling on my condition is depressing and rather pointless. The music is healing and inspiring.

      We are hearing some good stuff. In a way it’s nice to get some relief from Nashville’s constant who’s-here-from-the-record-companies? craziness. This is just talented people trying to please a real audience, maybe sell a few CDs. Kinda nice.

  5. So glad to hear all the positive and good news….love that your writing and playing, its like therapy in its self. Thinking about you often and hoping all stays well…give Maggie a hug and stay strong and keep on playing!!!

    • Thanks Shawna. Hope all’s well with you and the family.

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