Posted by: Maggie Ross | August 12, 2010

Home again!

Larry here, liberated yet again from the Saint John Regional Hospital. Nice place, lovely view out of some of the windows, friendly staff giving lots of kind attention, but I wouldn’t wanna live there. And lately it seems like I almost do!

I now have another PICCline installed (my third if anyone’s counting) and am carrying a pump containing the antibiotic Vancomycin which I’ll be receiving for the next week. This will necessitate a brief daily trip to the hospital to have the pump refilled. Irksome, yes, but I still feel like a released prisoner. During this hospital visit I felt fine; good vital signs and not a trace of sickness. I almost felt I was there under false pretences in a ward filled with some really damaged looking people. Hanging around a place like that can induce illness, I’m certain.

Tonight we’re going to attend the Country Star contest down on the Boardwalk, now in its finals and featuring some good talent, I’m told. And tomorrow we’ll check out our friend Mike Biggar opening for NEeMA at the Bourbon Quarter. Saint John ain’t Nashville by a long shot but there is stuff to do here and plenty of talent to enjoy. Nice to be out breathing fresh air again!



  1. Hi Larry. We are so pleased to hear you are out of the hospital and feeling better. Hugs and best wishes from both of us and Murphy too šŸ˜‰

  2. Hang in there big guy, and thanks for keeping us in the loop!

    We miss you guys!!!

  3. Hi Larry,
    Wonderful news that you’re feeling better and out listening to music…what better way to heal the body and soul. Looking forward to continuing to hear more good news from you in the days ahead.
    Our love to you and Maggie! Shelia

  4. Hi Larry. I’m glad that you’re out & about again. We always have good thoughts going your way. Stay well my friend. John.

  5. We are so happy for you to be out of the hospital…
    Some good live music will be refreshing, speaking of… that is the perfect word to describe Halie Loren …Larry we had such a great hour of Jazz Halie Loren style…we need to all get together for a house concert…so come on back to Courtenay…
    we love you and send our strongest prayers to you and Maggie
    D and B

  6. Hi Larry from Cowboy Country. I am known as the Yiddish Eskimoses.What can I say. Keep that spirit up.You have a great lady in Maggie behind you.If in any way I can help,like Jimmny Cricket, Give A Little Whistle.Only the best.

  7. We’re glad that you are feeling a little better. Know that I’m thinking about you.
    Keep up the good work. Big Hugs

  8. Larry, thanks for the post. Sure is nice to hear you’re back out in the fresh air and taking in some live music. There’s nothing better. Keep smiling, it keeps the devil away.

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