Posted by: Maggie Ross | August 6, 2010


Well guess what, Larry was re-admitted yesterday afternoon. He saw the oncologist Wednesday and she was pleased with him, but ordered blood cultures just to be sure nothing was growing and while he was having chemo yesterday she called him in to say the preliminary results show there is something.

He’s now in a private room in the oncology ward and is on IV antibiotics again, probably for a week. After his chemo is finished on Saturday they’ll take out the new line and we’ll find out what the options are for the remaining 4 of his 12 scheduled treatments.

It’s crazy because all last week he felt weak and tired from not getting any real sleep while he was in there, just naps between being prodded and poked with various needles, and also recovering from a major infection, and this week he was starting to feel good. Oh well.


  1. Hi Maggie & Larry Wayne,
    So sorry to hear that you’re having to deal with this again, along with everything else. Please know we’re thinking about you and sending our love and prayers to you across the miles.


  2. Sorry to hear…Very frustrating no doubt! You are in our prayers extra strong…xoxo
    …and thank goodness you have a private room…there is nothing worse than a gassy roommate to keep you up when you finally do get to catch a few moments of shut eye…
    we love you lots here…
    Deanna and Bekka smooches

  3. ARGH*&&^!! is right, Maggie. Enough is enough, huh?! However, if Larry’s doc has caught it early, then hopefully, it will be nipped in the bud and not be so bad this time. At least he is feeling better since being home and now his body can help fight this new (or old) infection. You both are always in our hearts and positive prayers/wishes. Thanks for keeping us all posted.
    Love Sue

  4. That sucks! Well, Larry all I can say is try to enjoy having someoone other than Maggie waiting on you hand and foot;) Me and Terry are sending out kick-ass anti-cancer vibes for you today.

    Hugs and lots of love,

    Tracey & Terry

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