Posted by: Maggie Ross | August 3, 2010


Just realized it’s been a week since the last post but there’s really nothing much new to report. Larry’s been catching up on all the sleep lost during the three weeks he was in the hospital, feeling stronger all the time, and hasn’t really been doing much other than the occasional trip for some bloodwork. He’s seeing the oncologist tomorrow for his usual monthly appointment.

I’ve been catching up on music biz stuff, doing as much song pitching as I can by email and reminding people of our catalogue. Love the internet!


  1. Hey you two…xo

    Nice to hear that you are keeping busy with music biz stuff Maggie…
    Bekka is keeping busy too …she still has a few of Larry’s that she loves and will be working on at Susie’s (start next week I hope)
    …she is doing some songwritting this week and has also signed up for a musical play!!! So that means I too am busy …lol
    I do Love it though…
    well my friends…
    I hope the oncologist appt went well for you Larry…
    and maybe our family will plan a trip to NL soon Maggie…
    that would be so wonderful to meet up with the both of you…
    In friendship and with love always
    Deanna and Bekka xoxox

  2. Hmmmm…thanks for the update. Glad to hear Larry is resting up. West coast has been balmy. Keep well Cheers Mikey

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