Posted by: Maggie Ross | July 22, 2010

Moving to New Brunswick

Without going into too much of the backstory, Larry was diagnosed with colon cancer in late February when we were in Nashville. We returned to Ontario for more testing, and it was found the cancer had spread to his lungs and liver. So we moved back to Ontario and he had his first chemo treatment on April 20.

His cousins in Barrie, Bonnie Furyk and Robert & Cathy Laskey, not only let us live with each of them for a while but provided much needed emotional support. There are no words to describe our gratitude.

If we were going to be in Canada, Larry really wanted to move to the east coast, Saint John, New Brunswick, to be precise, where his family is from going back several generations. We asked if it was possible to transfer care and found out that not only was it possible, but that it could happen very quickly. So quickly in fact that we got here April 26, he saw the oncologist on April 28, and had his second chemo treatment at Saint John Regional Hospital on May 4.

He was lucky enough to have very few side effects from either of the treatments.

The family in and around Saint John has been very supportive and caring, and we’re very grateful to be in their midst.


  1. Great idea this blog . I’ve kept up with it all thru Tom. From somebody who knows–this is an $#@ kicker ain’t it? I’m so sorry you have to go thru it.

    Ck it out—I just found out I have a serious heart condition caused by chemo 10 yrs ago. Caught early (yeahyeahyeah) some healing/recovery of heart muscle possible (they don’t call it practicing medicine for nothing), be on drugs rest of my life (ok–I won’t cuss on line) and if I don’t or it don’t work I’m dead pretty soon. *&%# it. (OK so I said I wouldn’t cuss on line!)

    so Dude & dudette–this getting old ain’t fer sissies eh?

    I’ll make a pack with you.

    We’re both going to live to be old–I mean OLD (not like now…) and we’re gonna sit and talk about our hit records and what a time we had!


    Love ya both


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